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Wake up with the sunrise and enjoy the moon and stars during the night. The flow of time shifts from urban-time to country time.

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Spending a day out in the countryside would be a time for healing of the mind for the people living in a city like us.
Take a breath in the woods feeling the smell of grass and trees throughout your body. Thatユs the only thing you do here and you start to feel blessed.
"Slow lifeノ spending time playing around with the spirits of forest". The facilitator will introduce you to the enjoyment of the interaction of the various workshops in nature with the distinct seasons, Japanese traditional events, local festivals and folklore cultures.
Have a good time healing both mind and body at the メSlow Food_Shokuモ that serves safe seasonal vegetables grown with good care out in nature. Away from your busy days, you can have pleasant hours in woods with 1 to 2 hours trip from the city center. How would you like it?

Slow life, slow food, and Japanese spiritual culture. Testimonies of the excited experiences from メpleasuresモ are available in our blog.

■Soul Train All of our staff are facilitators.
Soul Train is a group of female staff, who love having a good time in the woods and in nature. There are many things we have seen, a concert in the woods, hot springs and the source of pure water in the woods and so forth. While enjoying the passing clouds and blowing wind, we eventually followed the woods call, then, fate and destiny brought us to meet "charcoal, a mystery of the woods" there. We are so grateful for the exciting experiences we've had which let us to sense through our entire body and five senses._We wish to share these experiences with you in the near future. We have so far 11 years history of life withSumi.

Facilitator profile

桜 Name: Sakura
Sheユs been smiling for 10 years. And has worked to set up and run a variety of entertainments and events dealing with slow food and slow life.

As an event navigator for Soul Train, I am spreading soothing smiles together with guests who come to our events. I have a history of life with charcoal for over 11 years. I am happy to tell you how to eat or live with charcoal and explain a variety of usages of Sumi. Ask me anything about Sumi. I am looking forward to seeing you soon. br />

Name: Satoyama
Born and raised in the countryside. She is a native-born naturalist due to her background. She is actively working as a field worker for restoring the mountains in the rural area and anti-depopulation measures. Her lifetimeユs work is to maintain local production for local consumption, SHINDOFUJI or Japanese eating methodology, slow life and slow food.

I am fascinated with the mystery of binchotan and Japanese honeybees recently. I have a history of life with Sumi for over 4 years. Ask me anything about the countryside!

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