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炭の特性 History of Sumi / Characteristic of Sumi

 炭の特性を活かした空間プロデュース = ライトセンター設置

 The renovation of your space using the charcoal from Soul Train (Light Center) uses the characteristics of charcoal explained here, such as, the purifying effects and absorption effects of charcoal in your home or workplace and in your everyday life. In a space infused with joy and light and maintaining a clean change of light, resting or gathering everyone to talk becomes more enjoyable.

Hotel Office Mansion
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■How to renovate your space with Light Center

1. Contact Soul Train by phone, email or fax
2. Fill our your application form and fax it to Soul Train
3. When confirmation of the bank transfer is received the Sumi set will be sent out
4. A meeting will be scheduled and a representative will come to arrange your setting

* Light Center will work with you for your renovation
For more information, please contact us about your application

Light Center price listings
.2,220 yen per month for 12 months
.3,300 yen per month for 12 months
.5,500 yen per month for 12 months
.8,800 yen per month for 12 months
.Please consult us for more specific prices

Pricing varies depending on the size and amount of Sumi used. You may pay the entire cost of the renovation as a lump sum. Upon financing over 12 months, please pay for the first one months as a starting fee.

■Examples of renovations by Light Center

Apartments in Osaka(renovated in spring of 2008)
 Previously, there were many empty rooms in this apartment building and many of the tenants were known to misbehave and ruin the atmosphere of the building. The owners of the building asked us to install Sumi at the four corners of the building and the building entrance as well as several of the apartments themselves. After installing the Sumi into the building the residents who were causing problems left and the atmosphere greatly improved. New tenants enjoy living in the building.

Owner’s Testimonial
“Now we have barely any empty rooms and we have many more tenants who respect our building and we frequently have to turn away potential residents.”

Renovation of a hospital in Mie Prefecture
We renovated the waiting room of a hospital’s inpatient facility in Mie Prefecture. Sumi was placed under the desk of the doctors as well as in the office laboratory. Both were used on the floor. Dr. F from the hospital saw great improvements of the medicine practiced at the hospital and has told us he would like to study the effects of the Sumi on different types of medicine.

 Examples of things that happened within a month of the Sumi renovation: Sumi placed in the rooms of post operation patients and coma patients both experienced benefits. Patients that often were feeling depressed commented about feeling better, and happier and wanted to thank us. Doctors commented about the effects of the Sumi. A patient with a tumor to be removed had an x-ray taken the day before the scheduled surgery. The X-ray confirmed the location of the tumor. After staying in the hospital overnight the next morning during surgery the tumor had miraculously vanshied.

 Many other positive reports were given from the hospital. The doctors commented about how the patients were able to heal faster.

Testimonial from a Hair Salon owner
“Soul Train helped me put the Sumi in the stop last fall. Since then, I have felt that the air is cleaner and that I have better luck.” Because the air inside the shop was unable to circulate, the room became stuffy and hard to be in. After putting the Sumi in the shop, the air became much fresher. Instead of placing plants in fashionable shops, many owners decide to put Sumi to clean the air. This creates a comfortable relaxing environment for the staff and customers. The hairdresser often has to work long busy days which leads to her becoming sick many times. Although, after placing the Sumi in the shop, she has been able to stay healthy and enjoy her workplace even more. If the staff and customers are comfortable in their environment then it will increase the business to your shop and help you be happy. Customers also appreciate the objects placed at the reception desk and can enjoy the fresh air throughout the store. The benefits of having Sumi in my store are incredible. The shop owner is also thinking of putting Sumi in their home.

Veterinarian Hospital Owner Testimonial
“I wanted to make some extra space to separate the corner of the hospital and the doctor’s office with Sumi. The smell was much better and the dogs in my hospital seemed to settle down much easier. I let the animals drink water that has been filtered through charcoal and the animals seem to be in much better spirits. The purification properties of the Sumi help clean the pollutants in the air and water and help calm the animals when they visit the vet. Consultations go much more smoothly than before and the waiting time decreased because of that. Much of the frustration and anxiety of the pet owners was alleviated and they were able to enjoy bringing their pets to the office much more. Thank you.”

Testimonial from a Café Owner
“I recently installed the Sumi into my store with the help of Soul Train and their event. I feel that our customers have increased since adding the Sumi in our store! We have more customers who come to enjoy tea and lunch at other time, since we have a tranquil atmosphere and shop. We also use the Sumi to purify our water and our customers often comment on how delicious the water or drinks made with the water are very delicious. Many people often say this. We had an exhibition of a ceramic artist in our café in collaboration with Sumi and it was very successful! Thank you for your beautiful tableware decoration. We have become very successful.”

 Other hospitals, nursing homes, florists, cram schools, pet shops, funeral homes, daycares, hotels, Esthetic Salons, Physiotherapist offices, healing spaces, restaurants, accounting firms, photography studios, grocery stores, computer classes, nail shops, and homes have all benefited from our services. We look to provide a lighter atmosphere and a more comfortable environment. Thank you!

In addition, the experiences print it in blog.

■Biological matter field (wave field) approach to space

 Waves in physics are also called simple waves, propagating in the direction of spatial behavior and periodic changes of some physical quantity, single-longitudinal waves vibrate parallel to the direction of the medium, and the vertical single-transverse waves that vibrate. Surface acoustic waves, in addition to the phenomenon that propagates through the medium of substances such as seismic vibration, or some medium to propagate as electromagnetic waves, do not have space. Waves in this medium have no state which cannot be explained using methods of classical or modern physics. There is a particle and wave nature of electromagnetic waves, including electronic or optical.

 The wave frequency, period, amplitude, and wavelength, is defined as an amount of wave physics.

 The wave mechanics discipline of quantum mechanics, all matter is described as a combination of wave properties. (from Wikipedia)

 All material on Earth is a collection of atoms, including the human body, which causes a rotational movement of the electrons subatomic waves. In other words, human’s or animal’s molecules are composed of a collection of atoms, and all living things, including plants, will emit a specific wavelength with each wave. Of course, the lights and sounds of nature is all around us, and radio waves have been broadcast to the population as well as X-rays or other waves. The wave is propagated as sound by resonance. Our life in particular, with thoughts from person to person, is handed down by itself and by making a wave of energy exists as a kind of electromagnetic waves. We can measure the approximate length of the wave that is being propagated in the resonance energy using the magnetic resonance wave instrument (ceramic resonator). We can see each organ of the human body and foods, drug, by measuring the wave emitted by a substance such as water, and determine the health effects from this.

<Necessity of readjusting waves >
 We humans also emit our own waves, natural and artificial electromagnetic materials and large all (radio, optical, X-ray, etc.) also emit waves. Depending on whether the waves resonate with the brain and organs of the body we can receive a variety of living environments that will affect our mental and physical health.

 Industrial pollution and social development of the global environment, distort the waves of humans and creatures, and create rare diseases. In recent years, we cannot rule out the effects of electromagnetic radiation, from things such as mobile phones and electrical appliances. The exposure to these waves, our body’s resistance causes a human body waves to become off-balance, which results in disorder or disease which are connected to the body. Therefore, the wave energy conversion may adversely affect the human body waves, so the addition of Sumi may counteract this waves and allow your body to enjoy their natural, peaceful waves.

<Improvements >  produced by the cleansing effect of Sumi Our environmental improvement series is full of high quality products that help clean these waves and produce a completely new environment. By the use of wave energy, the environment is cleaned of all things such as tobacco, food smells etc. and produce an environment that provides good balance and body friendly waves which increases the health of the people in the environment. The joys of life such as gratitude, sharing and helping others is doubled with the power of these products which help you coexist with nature and the five elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and Void) in harmony with your emotions and any negative effects that might hinder your health.。

 Your space becomes refreshing like a forest and makes for a healthy and comfortable environment. The circulation of these waves helps create this environment.

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