Company name: SOUL TRAIN CO.,LTD.
Address: 1317, 2-10-25, Oojigaoka, Ootsu-shi, Shiga-ken. 520-0025
Telephone No. 077-536-5148
FAX No.: 077-536-5158
E-mail address:
  1. R&D, manufacture and sale of charcoal.
  2. Managing a variety of workshops
  3. Planning, production, management, organizing and administer various events, seminars,
     lecture meetings and exhibitions.
  4. Planning, producing, and selling supplements and cosmetics.
  5. Merchandise sale through the internet.
  6. Management consulting.
  7. Book publication and writing.
  8. Operation of an esthetic salon and nail salon
     *All business is accompanied with the above mentioned services