Soul Train Co., Ltd. is a company that enhances the feeling of a room with Sumi charcoal.

Sumi is a gift from nature.
It's been with us for over 300,000 years. Even in this modern age, it is supporting our life through advanced technology in many ways without it being recognized. In the quantum-mechanics field, it has been found out that every single material has a unique wave pattern and from that breakthrough discovery a trigger to try to comprehend the mystic nature of Sumi. What we offer to you is to enhance the atmosphere around us with Sumi art by making the best use of its special characteristics and mystic nature.

"Make the whole Earth vigorous and balanced!!"
We will keep working to our further study and research to fulfill our mission above, and to be assistance to our society.

We, Soul Train, are on a soul journey oriented towards 'creation' , 'encountering' , 'excitement' , 'caring' , 'joy' and 'love'.

History of Sumi / Characteristic of Sumi